[Recruitment] WE NEED HELP!!
Okay just so you know, we're back.

2 years on hiatus (or dead, whatever you call) are definitely a long time, and I'm really happy that you guys have been keeping your support to us for all the time. Thank you all!
There are only 2 members remain, I and Starry. That means, we are in short hand for the moment, especially when Starry is working on  completion of 33 Tantei series.
It will be alright if we just sub some shows now and then, yet impossible to keep on weekly Shin Doumoto Kyoudai as before. So we really need your help now.

We are really in need of Japanese translator, timer and typesetter (encoder is not required since we no longer do hardsub). If you are interested in, please contact me at nightly_001@yahoo.com , nightly001@gmail.com or PM.

All your concern are appreciated very much so don't hesitate if you have any question :)

Hey!x3 [13.06.11] + SmapxSmap [13.06.11] + Music Station [17.06.11]

Note: Recommend to play with Media Player Classic for full display of sub styles.

Hey!Hey!Hey! [13.06.11] - KinKi Kids - Talk + Time performance

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Smap x Smap [13.06.11] - KinKi Kids - Talk + Medley performance

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Music Station [17.06.11] - KinKi Kids - Talk + Time performance

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P/s: Anyone wants to contribute a banner ?? *puppy eyes*

[Drama] 33pun Tantei 4 - 5 - 6
Here we're back. Wow, such a long time, sorry for keep you all waiting (___").We have got busy with life for those last months and the subbing progress was put in hiatus (mostly because of me >_<).
Anyway, somehow we are managing to catch up the pace now and hope things will go smoothly soon.
We are very happy that there're still people who support us (especially for this series) , thank you very much for keeping the patience (and thanks ohmiya_sg for being willing to give us a hand too, we will keep it in mind ^^ )
Ok, enough talking, now enjoy your time with 3 episodes of 33pun Tantei :D.

Kou-chan (3)
I hope this is fine to be posted. If not... please PM me to yell at me before you delete this :P
I know this is probably a day or two early. But I just realized that I wont be around this weekend to wish her. And I figure an early birthday wish would be much better than a belated one... So... yeaps.... 7th June.

To [info]nightly_001 who happen to be one of the biggest fan of Kinki Kids whom I know, co-founder of </a></b></a>futari_fansubs  and my dearest friends whom I have never met but was always there to lend an ear and offer comfort through the world's greatest technology, the Internet.
So glad to have known you and worked together subbing Kinki Kids vids. Love you girl~!
And for your birthday, I brought these "gifts"... I hope you can look past the mediocre work of my photoshop skills and like them. Hehehe

I have a few more actually in my journal.. It's my "present" for our dearest, Night.
If it interest you (or maybe just curious), go ahead and click on the link.
If not... just drop a comment in this post and wish our Futari Fansub's co-founder a wonderful birthday.

おたんじょうび おめでとう~!


# 18 + 19 + 20 - Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [05.11.06] + [07.09.08] + [26.10.08]
Happy 1 year anniversary, futari Fansub!

As founder of this group, it's somehow a miracle with me to see FF to go through one year.At the very first, this was a random group , which started with a random thought and found a translator randomly , but its meaning/purpose has never changed : to bring KinKi's wonderful world to people.
Many people has come, joined us and eventually this group has grown up , become a great team with great members.Though we are not a perfect group, we're happy that we are doing what we want and do them well.

People who has been supporting us during this last year , Thank you all from my deep gratitude.
and Thank you all staff for being parts of FF too :).
In this 2nd year, hope we will keep this work going on and bring more wonderful things from KinKi world to people ^^
- Night -

I'm really happy that what started as a simple wish to let kinki be more accesible to a wider audience expanded to such a great team! As for goals for this year, of course building on teamwork and forging new friendships, I think we can look forward to this year! <3
- Starry -

Ok now it's time to enjoy.First coming is long awaited episode with Ayaka - which had ended up at the first place of request voting last year ,and following are 2 new episodes of SDK as common.
Have a fun time with our releases.

Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [05.11.06] - #269 - Guest : AYAKA

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Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [07.09.08] - #355 - Guest : Oda Yuuji

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Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [26.10.08] - #361 - Guest : Kanjani8 #2

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#17 SHIN DOMOTO KYOUDAI [2009.04.26]

Because I am lazy

There's no screencap spams, or short write up because it's TOMA! Everyone wants to watch Toma, and needs no reason to.
They talked, they joked, they laughed, and they danced, it was happy, it was funny, GO DOWNLOAD AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

MF: 001 002 003 004 005


Translations: fenlings 
Timing +Typesetting: nafiza 
QC + Encoding: yinghung 


# 15 + 16 - Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [29.06.08] + [17.08.08] + Special Release
At first,

Happy 30th Birthday, Tsuyoshi!
We wish you a happy year, with more cheers and successes, and please always be our beloved Doumoto Tsuyoshi - a half of KinKi futari.

- from FF Team -

It's a bit late but here is special release for Tsuyoshi's birthday , let's enjoy it and make the best greetings for him :)

Music Station Special [27.03.09] - Tsuyo-shi - Talk + Sora~ Utsukushii ware no sora

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And here,as usual , are SDK releases , enjoy your time ~
**Note : For the MU links of both episodes, the file name were wrong (don't know how = =) , file desciption and link are correct so just download the links I put under each episode and ignore the wrong file name in browser.

Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [29.06.08] - #346 - Guest : TUBE

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Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [17.08.08] - #352 - Guest : Kurokawa Tomoka

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#14 - Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [24.08.08]
Shin Doumoto Kyoudai [24.08.08] - #353 - Guest : Karasawa Toshiaki
The guest this time is Karasawa Toshiaki. He jokes with a serious face, has an explosive temper, and worked part-time as... Superman? He's also a heavy drinker and might just have happened to see Fukada Kyoko engaging in some pretty strange behaviour on a night out. No, really, he's a talented and dedicated actor. With all that getting hit by cars (his first job as an actor!) and forgetting his lines (his biggest failure!), his stories are enough to provide an episode's worth of amazement and good laughs. He was also a little pervert as a kid... you'll have to watch to find out! - from PandaP

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[Hey!Hey!Hey!]- The formation of KAT-TUN-2009.02.02
This is the segment in the beginning of KAT-TUN's Heyx3 interview where they spoke about how KAT-TUN was formed and Kinki Kid's involvement in their formation. I decided to sub this because my pal who's subbing the main Kinki talk from this Heyx3 refuses to sub anything Kat-tun (LOL- I still love you pal), and Fenlings had spontaneously agreed to translate this. Halfway through, we decided that it would become a Futari FS project instead since we are both staff here, so here you have it! My first job at Futari!! *sets off hanabi*

Watch if you are curious about how KAT-TUN was formed, and if you miss seeing young, innocent and cute Akanishi Jin, and erh, not so cute chibi Kamenashi, as well as find out how Kinki used to bully KAT-TUN *raises eyebrows*.

Translations: Fenlings
Subbing: Yinghung
Qc: Fenlings

Download Links: MU.... MF


[Staff] Happy birthday Channel321
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