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futari Fansubs
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♥ futari Fansubs

Fansub group was founded by Nightly and Starry joined after as translator , with main focus is making subtittles for Shin Doumoto Kyoudai - KinKi's weekly show.

We debuted on 08.05.2008 with 1st release : SDK #338

About group's name: 「 futari 」 is one song by KinKi collaboration , and It also represents KinKi Kids - with 2 member cannot-be-replaced Doumoto Tsuyoshi and Doumoto Koichi.

Feel free to join with us

♥ Rules

- 1. No uploading to any streaming video sites.

- 2. No re-posting without our permission. Don't claim as your own, please respect our works.

We are always thankful to receive comments or advisement to improve our works.

Your considerations encourage us very much.

Thanks for supporting.

♥ Staff

Nightly: Timer/Typesetter/Encoder

Starry : Head Translator

Chibi03 : Translator

Hikaru : Translator

Fenlings : Translator

PandaPi : Translator

Daffy : Timer/Typesetter

Kamika : Timer/Quality Checker

Nameni : Timer

Lushtea : Timer

Hikabunny : Timer/Typesetter

Lushtea : Timer/Quality Checker

Channel321 : Quality Checker

If you are interested in contributing as services or media , please contact Nightly at : nightly_001@hotmail.com.

All contributions are appreciated so much .

♥ Affiliates

39 Fansubs


Blue Storm Fansub

♥ Credit

Graphics designed by Nightly

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